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RandySnider.com is a memorial website for Thomas Randall Snider and is not affiliated with the makers of Halo (Microsoft Studios, 343 Industries, XBox 360). Halo is a registered trademark of Microsoft Games and is not affilitated with Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Vertex or other CF-related organizations.

Randy, Halo and Cystic Fibrosis

Thomas Randall Randy Snider

halo xbox microsoft studios 343 industries

Randy Snider was a huge fan of Halo and played all the time. It offered an escape from daily struggles of cystic fibrosis. Ironically, the word "halo" is Greek/Latin for "salt". Salt plays a key role in cystic fibrosis. A CF gene creates a defective protein that prevents the proper flow of salt and fluid in and out of a cell. As a result, mucus forms in the lungs, intestines and other parts of the body and creates many serious health problems. In essence, CF is a war on salt or "Halo" war.

Randy bravely battled cystic fibrosis the same way he battled Halo. He was a master of Halo but eventually lost his battle with CF. There was no replay. In his wake, he left many items from Halo he gathered over the years. So in his honor, we give great tribute to a fine young man who loved life and loved the game of Halo.

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